Heart Shaped Box

There she was
A heart shaped box

I’d gone on a stroll 

Over hills of grey 

Like firm pillows

And I found her


Ouch! I cut my foot

I see a spot of blood

On my skin it pooled

I see the sharp corner 

Reflecting like a mirror

Peeking from firm pillows


I see myself 

In the sharp thing

That rose from the grey

Taller than me

It became

The heart shaped box 

With a heart shaped door

With a black heart shaped knob 

Which I opened 

And walked inside

Red velvet walls

So soft 

The door shut behind

We paused 

The heart shaped box and me

Sizing each other up

I felt comfortable


I was welcome 

To stay or leave

Put events away

Safely here

Inside the heart shaped box


I sat on red velvet sofas

That lined the walls

Like I Dream of Jeanie's bottle

They said rest child

I remembered my cut

The blood was the sofas

The blood was red velvet walls

That called to me

Unload memories

Here they will keep

Here they will wait

The memories conspired 

And hired fighters

A time would come 

For them to show out

I would need them

They had no doubt

So they lived

For some days


The heart shaped box



 *I Dream of Jeannie was a TV show that aired from 1965-1070 and then for several years in syndication.


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