Inside my Head

Trapped in the grey

Hours pass

Or was it days

Come and play

Please come and play

Let’s drink you say

Another day, OK?

Let’s play

Whatcha say?


God I wanted to be loved

And now time is gone

While I sit 

Without tears

Only fears

Thinking for hours

Trapped inside

Hide and cry


Nothing relieves 

The pain

You’re not insane

It’s a game

Let’s play

Whatcha say?


One hands a toke

I don’t partake

Another a drink

I give it a think

And a pass

Too slow

Now too fast

Over and over again

Nothing is a friend

Or a foe

I know where I'll go

Back to the grey

Tell a joke

Give a smile

Sit for a while

Write and read

Watch some TV

Feel their pain

It's all make believe

The baby's home

That's the sweet

Hear me please

When I scream

Sitting in my bed



While away you skate

In a dream

We stay

In a rock and roll

Hall of fame

And recall better days

Let’s walk and talk

A beaten path

Jesus strolled

Behold The Way

And I can make it

Another day

A mountain stop

Breath in the air

Cuz' I'm here

And not

Trapped in the grey


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