Top Bunk World

Another night and I’m sleeping, then I’m not. Grandma’s screaming at Grandpa. Mom’s not home. Grandma’s voice sounds like a frightened bird. Grandpa sounds like a big barking junkyard dog. The sounds jump onto my ear, crawl inside like a massive spider with a Junkyard Dogface and muscles. He’s chasing that little bird. Every time he barks and she squawks, it hurts my insides. That barking Junkyard Spider Dog is banging a drum in my chest now. The little bird's song is sad, scared, angry. There’s thunder. The little bird opens her mouth wide and sings her sad, angry, afraid song while the Junkyard spider dog barks and the thunder crashes. I wish they would leave my ear, but they only burrow deeper inside my soul.

Was that the table crashing? “Get out! You’re drunk!” My grandma, the bird screeching..thunder stops her, the dog spider growls loudly.

Lynn stirs in her bunk above me.

“Lynn?” I whisper because I want to climb up there with her. I’m scared. I know she won’t let me, though.

Lynn drops her head down over the side of the top bunk, “Go back to sleep. Put the pillow over your head or something.”

“I won't be able to breathe.”

She’s gone. She’s back up in Top Bunk World, where older kids get to sleep and are happy. She’s so lucky. That’s why I was sad for her when she fell off but also kinda pleased for a second. She’d been dethroned. I hoped it would make her willing to give up Top Bunk World, but no, it didn’t.

Top Bunk World, man, if I was queen up there, I’d be an excellent queen. Lynn doesn’t let sickly cry babies in, so I have to toughen up, stop crying over screeching birds and barking dog spiders and stop coughing all the time. Wait, what’s that? She waves her arm, motioning for me to come up.

“You have to sleep on the outside. I’m not falling off again. And don’t squish me.” Lynn says.

Queen Lynn is a powerful witch, she waves her wand, and all crying ceases. There is peace in this world. She’s placed an impenetrable wall around us now. I drift off to sleep safely behind the walls of Top Bunk World. Spider dog continues to bark, the thunder continues to roll, little bird screeches, but sleep takes us. They can’t get us up here in Top Bunk World.


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