Apocalypse Now

I cut back to part time at my job last week so I can follow my dreams of writing and selling my art...during the apocalypse because, why not? Our economy will not survive the 'rona anyway, write that down, that's my prediction and I'm as much of an economist as everyone is a Facebook epidemiologist. 

Speaking of Facebook,  I've been off that cesspool of stupidity for over a month and damn it's good to be clean and sober. I forgot what it was like as a creative to have a functioning brain that consumed books rather than argued with morons. I didn't think I could do it that's why I didn't really try for a long time. I thought it had it's hooks in too deep but going cold turkey wasn't as bad as I thought and now I find I don't miss it at all. 

We're planning our annual July trip to Okeechobee for the family birthdays. Of course the planning of the trip this year is very different. For one, it's Florida we're going to during The 'rona pandemic and Florida never ceases to be so very Florida. They let a good 50 - 100 people a day die from The 'rona and let 10,000 to 15,000 get sick. There's no mask mandate, cuz their idiot governor is "pro-life" which means he's perfectly willing to let anyone alive die from Covid19. 

Basically, Florida is a good solid shit show and we 're walking right into it.

And of course my hometown & family is very divided over mask mandates, add to that the racial tension in our country right now and, well, yeah, I don't even know what to say other than I spend everyday telling my overly anxious, bi-racial, 16 year old son, "..it will be a fun trip, no you don't have to leave the hotel if you don't want to, yes, you can just fish and hang by the pool with your friends, no everyone there isn't racist. Hey the beach will be fun, but yeah, the beach will probably be full of Qanon believing assholes who will get all up in your face while not wearing mask..but maybe not...let's not think about it, it's going to be fine son. Just fine!" 

Ya'll this is not a cool apocalypse! I mean, It's not like the movies at all. I want a movie apocalypse, a sudden event, a clear enemy that we all go up against, ya know? This one is more like history repeating itself in a lot of ways. I mean, I get why people don't want to believe the 'rona news, I really do, it's awful and The Qanan-Foxnews-Alex Joners only like THEIR made up end of the world scenarios. They didn't think of this, it doesn't fit their plan so all the people dying and getting sick just HAS to be made up. Bill Gates is behind it, 5G, vaccines, the Libs. Us proud Leftist we brought the world down with a plague. My question is, if China is behind this, Bill Gates, 5G, The Left, then why wouldn't they want to stop us form destroying the world? Why wouldn't they want to do anything and everything to stop the left from winning? Oh wait, the deaths are exaggerated, I forgot. But how much? Is the entire world exaggerating? Every country is destroying their own economy? That providence in Spain that went back into lock-down when only 60 new cases popped up, it was all about being mean to our wonderful Sex-predator In Chief? Poor Baby, he's so mistreated. Ya'll's naked emperor sure knows how to screw the pooch I guess. But, I get it, ya'll want the apocalypse, mass destruction, death, anarchy, bring it on am I right? End of the world baby! Fuck the elderly as long as pre-born babies are safe, we good. What part of the book of Revelations is this, anyway? 

Ah, what a time to be alive.

So, yeah, happy summer apocalypse everyone. 


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