Paul Rudd in the Time of Rona

Do you know what I started to think about during quarantine? The comedic genius of Paul Rudd. He really does make everything he's in better. Just think about the Sex Panther scene from Anchorman, classic. His genius is that he doesn't try to steal anyone's thunder. He's just chill and easy and winds up creating memorable, quotable comedic gold. If you've never watched the movie, Our Idiot Brother, watch it.

I thought the movie, Forgetting Sarah Marshall was alright at best, but he gave it the funniest, most memorable scenes.

Have you ever watched Role Models? It's one of my favorites. It's underrated and spectacular, the entire cast. I made my kids watch it with me last mother's day. HA!

I mean, think about The 40-year-Old Virgin. That movie has so many massive stars that weren't stars then, who are all insanely funny in that movie. I went back and watched it the other day, and I was dying. It's so damn funny. Paul Rudd is, of course, the understated magical spice that seasoned the gumbo. So whereas Will Farrell and Steve Carrell are your Chicken and Sausage or your Shrimp and Crawfish, you know, the items you can't make gumbo without, Paul Rudd is the Roux, the cayenne pepper that makes it enjoyable to eat and memorable. He's that thing in every great comedy that we take for granted when it's there, but when it's not, we're like, "I don't know why that movie didn't land, but for some reason.." yea, that reason is, no Paul Rudd! I could say the same for Romany Malco, but I'll save him for another post (just look him up, he's hilarious, makes everything he's in better)

Paul Rudd on Hot Ones said one line, and it became a crazy popular meme. Why, you ask? Because PAUL RUDD.

Anyway, Go watch some movies with Paul Rudd in them and laugh while your'e in quarantine. It's good medicine. 
All hail Paul Rudd. 


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