The Making of A Norman Fu%#ing Rockwell Christmas Card

The front of our Christmas card, a recreation of Norman Rockwell's Freedom From Want. Steele's friend David and Evangeline's boyfriend Nick joined us at Thanksgiving to make the perfect picture.

Inside the card are pictures of Steele, Abel, and Evangeline inspired by art...

on the back, the pieces we recreated

I gathered the inspirations...

I made Steele's fish, painted it and everything freehand. So proud of this damn fish!

I hung the picture on this ladder at the end of the dining room table so we would know how to pose for the shot
Evangeline getting ready to be Debbie Harry

This is the setup for Abel's Obama Presidential Portrait recreation.

I hung a green blanket on the wall outside for Steele's picture.

Art makes me happy. This card made me happy. Making this card made me SO happy. It was a great day. There was no fighting, really, no shit. Everyone cooperated. It makes me want to cry thinking about how great of a day it was.

Thank you, Evangeline, Steele, Abel, Dean, Nick, David, for that day. It meant a lot to me.

This card will always be so special after such a year. It represents so much (read my 2019 recap here, A Norman Fu%#ing Rockwell Year)

Merry Christmas, everyone from us to you! May 2020 be full of art, music, laughter, love, joy, and peace. 


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