On The Other Side

I’ll see you on the other side

Where we don’t hide

Recall how we cried

And when we didn’t

When we couldn’t

When we wouldn’t

When we did 

What we shouldn't 

What we found 

Face down 

On the ground 

All we lost

The tremendous cost  

When all the tears were dry 

And we took to fly 

Away if only in our minds 

Pull down the blinds 

The darkness is cool 

You being a tool 

Me the ice queen

In that bad dream 

Back then 



That’s what we'll say 

On that day

When we collide

On the other side 

It will seem  

Like a silent scream 

Long ago

But the pain 

That lasting refrain 

Of a sad song  

We danced on and on 

For so long 

So much wrong 

Can it be undone?

On the other side 

In-love you couldn't stay  

How did we last a day? 

And not stray 

What did you hear me say? 

I heard run away

Words spoken in fear 

Love found our way here

To see that lone sunray 

That’s what we’ll say

One day

On the other side

My love


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