Take a Deep Breath, "What Today?"

In your hand, I saw the grenade 
I wanted to pretend it wasn't there
The tempest brewed
At the back of your eyes
"Pull the pin"
The storm whispered with a gust
The downpour commenced

Ah, the recognizable
The familiar
Yes, I'm comfortable in the tornado
Wash away the pain
Let it rain
Let it storm
Destroy all in my path
Is where I hide

Leaves fell soaked to the ground
A limb fell without a sound
The wind intensified
No place to hide
The debris lifted in the air
And swirled in the howling wind
Pull the pin
Toss the grenade
Stand in the tempest
Curse the storm
You created

They don't understand
YoungBoy does
We share agony
The rain
Falling hard
behind the veil
That covers well
The window to the soul? Hah!
They don't see
They don't comprehend.
But I'm just guessing
Are these your thoughts?
Is this reminiscent of
The storm inside?
I don't truly know
I can't get to you
I can't prevent the storm
Swat the Demon Dragonflies 
That come to slay you

Living in devastation
Consumes us all
In this wreckage
I try to breathe
Such grief
Constant misery
Like never before  
A heavy cloak
We each wear it

Pull into the drive
Take a deep breath, "what today?"
Home is a pit 
I wish...
Often, my sweet boy
I wish
Where are you?
Are you gone forever
Don't you see 
The immortal Demon Dragonflies
They thrive behind the veil
Where you hide so well
Many mistakes I've made
God, I tried
But I can't breathe
You can't breathe
None of us can fucking breathe
I'm sorry
This love is free
We are your family
I wish you could see

Attend your hurts 
Escape the hurricane
Drop the grenade
Release the Demon Dragonflies

Carole Tuner 10-4-18


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