For Christmas I Want.. dance until my feet fall off,  laugh until my ribs hurt, and sing until I'm horse.

I want to wake up to see snow out my window and to the smell of coffee filling my house.

I want to eat fat white asparagus for lunch and drink red vino straight from the Navarre region of Spain.

I want to open an envelope that contains an all expenses paid trip to Spain for Donna and I to finish walking the Camino De Santiago.

I want to open another envelope that contains free upgrades to front row tickets at the January 5th Katy Perry concert that I'm already going to thanks to Dean (best gift ever)

I want to open yet another envelope that contains an invite to a beach trip with all my old girl friends and new girl friends.

I want to look down to see that my fat roll is gone and look straight ahead into a mirror and see that my double chin is gone too.

I want to be as confident in my skin as Ashley Graham is.

I want to miraculously know how to write using perfect grammar, punctuation and spelling.

I want my kids to make wise decisions, be happy, secure and confident.

I want Evangeline to take care of her diabetes and clean out her car, Steele to take care of his teeth and Abel to clean all of his hair out of the bath tub.

I want Dean to have a wad of $100 bills in his pocket at all times and never worry about money.

I want white women to stop using the tems "Woke" and "Clap Back".

I want all the women who ever suffered sexual abuse, harassment or assault to be embraced, supported and believed if/when they speak out about it.

I want to wake up Christmas morning to find that Trump being president was just a bad dream, our election wasn't hacked and Roy Moore, Bill Cosby, Harvey Wienstein, R Kelly, Bill Clinton,Woody Allen and Trump are all in jail for their crimes against women and girls and Trump is also in jail for selling the American soul to his crush, Putin.

Oh and I want season 8 of Game of Thrones to be out already.

What about you? What do you want for Christmas?

(This post is an answer to a Christmas letter I received from Dee and Pete Adams. They send out a Christmas letter every year. This year they wrote about everything they wanted for Christmas and ask readers what we wanted, so this is how I chose to answer :-)


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