Now is Not the Time To Be Quiet

These comments were posted on my Facebook feed in February by someone I use to spend holidays with. She was like family to me for a long time. We hadn't been in touch for a couple of years, never commented on each others Facebook pages, I didn't even know she looked at mine until this post. This was the first and only time she ever commented on anything.This woman who said she would run over me was in the room when Evangeline was born!  I didn't respond any further to her vicious attack other than what you see under her first comment. Pearls and swine and all that. I felt sad for her, I felt sad for the world.

After the car ran into the crown of protestors in Charlotsville I reported her threat to Facebook.It got me thinking that threats like that should not be taken lightly even if you THINK someone really wouldn't, couldn't possibly really be willing to run you over for getting in her way protesting. 

A girl I worked with whom I really like was telling another co worker that the counter protestors in Charlotsville were paid actors and that the other side was a group who had a permit to protest the removal of the monument but White Supremacist and Nazi's showed up. I told her that wasn't true. It broke my heart.

Vise News has a short documentary about the Charlotsville White Supremacist rally. They had a reporter embedded with them. If you have time you should watch it, it's only 22 minutes long.

I remember watching the movies Hotel Rwanda and Sometime in April about the Rwandan genocide. It seemed unbelievable at the time that families, friends, lifelong neighbors could turn against each other and in a span of 100 days, three quarters of an entire race could be slaughtered by fellow countrymen. 

"At the grass roots," he says, "the democratization process and subsequent assassination of the president created a space for local political entrepreneurs and racists to mobilize. They would go around their communities telling their neighbours: 'either you're with us or we'll call you a traitor'."
They were helped by an ongoing civil war that had made "Hutus feel more Hutu and Tutsis more Tutsi", as McDoom puts it. Each became a homogeneous group, easily dehumanized by such comments as "they're all the same"; "behold the enemy within". "These sentiments were encouraged by national radio, with references to past injustices by the Tutsi minority on the Hutu majority."

Certainly we could never become like Rwanda? Certainly we learned from the Civil War?  Diversity and being a melting pot is what makes America the wonderful country that it is right?

But when I see FOX news hosts Sean Hannity and Tucker Carlson over and over again spinning their web of deceit and gently stirring up hate and fear in white America, when I hear friends say the people who went to stand against nazi's and white supremacist were actors, when I hear our president equate "both sides" and then listen to Evangelical leaders like Jerry Falwell Jr defend Trump's lack of morale courage and when I recall the threatening message from my former friend, Well I just don't know if America is mentally healthy anymore. Change that, I know we are not mentally healthy anymore. 

The heart of this country is now a black hole actively working to consume the light. The church has forsaken love of God and neighbor, abandoned the beacon on the hill and now lays prostate at the feet of an orange god.

No, now is not the time to be quiet, this insanity, this hate filled upside-down cannot win.

I have to be able to look my children in the eye and know I didn't sit back and let it win.


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