The End of The World

When I saw your purple sky, Prince 
I didn't think of beauty
I wondered if it was the end of the world

Towers fell
Bombs dropped
Tanks rolled 
And people died
Churches declared the end is near 

Levees broke
Politicians choked
Divine providence declared 
So no one need be scared
But death by drowning is still awful

I heard the thunder roll when it wasn't raining 
I saw a tree in my ceiling 
My world was crying 
And it brought new life
There were clouds in my coffee
Clouds in my coffee
Did you see them?
Or was it just me?

And just like that we were bored in the USA 
For at least a day
Kings and prophets fell
Temples knelled
And we ran away from destruction 
Without it how will we function?
We made a new hell
For the last day

The streets overflowed with passive aggression
Cheeto Jesus was elected
Truth rejected
Reality neglected 
We really want that ending I see

Where does friendship go to die? 
The Facebook, why?
Kill them all
This must be the end I see
No, that's too easy
We just can't bear to be free

The diseased man
Motherless starving child
The beautiful wild 
For them
The world ends
Again and again
Your Holocaust
A local apocalypse
Foreign genocide
Only made us kind of cry 

Be quiet
No riot
American lie 
These colors don't run
Grab your gun
It's the end of the world as we know it
So play house 
Put your favorite record on
Like an American

Over and over
Again and again
Now and then
I thought it was the end
But it never was
And it always is
Just depends on your 20
Isn't that funny?

There were clouds in my coffee
Clouds in my coffee
And I drank them in
The clouds
The clouds 
A cigar
Smoke in your eyes
Little lies
Tell me sweet little lies
Tequila sunrise 
So I can live 
So I can live

Bad girls do it well
Take the money and run
Face first into the day
Son of a bitch
I know why you itch 
To pull the leaver
We all have Cat Scratch

The sky was all purple
People running everywhere 
In the purple rain 
You're so vain
To think you know when
The world will end
And to not live

Beauty's where you find it
Not just where you bump and grind it
We really want that end I see
No, we just can't stand to be free
Freedom's just another place to hide
There is nothing lost
Nothing to find

I had some dreams
There were clouds in my coffee
Clouds in my coffee


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