The Heartbreak of 2016

The massacre at Pulse Nightclub. So much love for my gay friends and family and to everyone who lost someone they loved that night, God be with you and bring you comfort.
I lost a 30 year friendship to Facebook. Well, at least that's where it went to be pronounced dead, it had been dying for a while. When your only contact with someone is sparse at best and only via Facebook's political craziness, well this loss was predictable I guess.

Nice France. I mourn with you.
The brutal killing of police officers in Dallas and here in Baton Rouge. This shook our nation, this shook my town, this shook my soul. To those who knew and loved these brave men, who run toward danger, I grieve with you. 
The great flood that destroyed so much of Baton Rouge and the surrounding area. Many are still not back in their homes.
For the unarmed black men killed by police, I see my sons in each of your faces.
No one can break a heart like those who live in it. How many times this year have I sat with my head in my hands asking God to help me help them and asking Him to help me to stop helping them? 
Syria. The children. God forgive us for not doing more and for not accepting, with open arms, those who flee this death pit.
America. The death of our free Democracy due to the 2016 election. My heart is torn to pieces and I feel like no one around me understands my profound grief.


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