My Boys - Reminding Myself

You love them
They are not the men who hurt you 
They are not always trying to trick you 
They need your love and guidance 
They are not the enemy

Your anger is from fear  
Fear of them becoming "those men" 
Don't look through fear 
Look through love
 Don't react in fear 
React in love  
Stop trying to control  
All the time

Believe the best 
Teach the best 
Show the best 
Hope for the best 

See them as who they are 
Son's that you love

Linger, stay in the moments 
Just one more moment 
Dance with them   
Laugh at their jokes 
Relish when they dance for you 
Relish when they laugh with you 
Read to them still
Instruct kindly 
Again, instruct kindly 
React slowly 
Again, react slowly  
Let them be

See the good 
 Acknowledge the good 
Appreciate the good 
There is a lot of good 
Hold onto the good 

Help them become excellent men
Don't expect them to be mediocre men
They are not the men who hurt you
Don't make them pay for the sins of others
Enjoy them 
Don't suppress them 
Celebrate them 
Encourage them 
Time is leaving 
Always leaving 
What will they remember?

"Love covers a multitude of sins" 
So love 
It's never too late

By Carole Turner
August 2016 


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