Louisian Flood 2016 Media Coverage

Thank you CNN!!! They got Trump's bull shit up there of course but we are right beside it (although Smaller) with a fantastic "Cajun Navy" shout out! 

The heart and soul of the right wing conservatives, FOX news, gives our devastation a tiny shout out at the bottom of the front page, Trump changing campaign managers is much more important than the heavily Republican, FOX news loving Louisiana drowning.

If you page down more, there is a little headline about the flood.

Nothing on CBS front page, only Trump. He gets free press even while American's die in a state that LOVES him. Barf.

Good job NBC! We're under Trump but at least we are right there, top of front page.
And yes, I'm disappointed that president Obama is acting like this is nothing big. He did declare it a disaster quickly and I'm glad about that.


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