Evangeline College Fundraiser Update: This Semerster is Paid!

Dean and I were able to get another loan through our credit union and we also received a couple more donations from people so now her tuition for this semester is all paid up! We were even able to get her a good meal plan for the remainder of this term.

Next semester is another story but we are better prepared and already working on funds to cover that so I feel like I can now take a breath.

I've said thank you before, on every update, but I don't think I can really say it enough. God makes a way, and some of you reading this were that way. I will be eternally grateful for that. And please know that if you ever need a piece of furniture or some artwork painted FOR FREE in return for you graciousness, I will do it. 

We love and appreciate each of you for even caring at all what happens to Evangeline's education. I'm glad I stuck with it even after all the push back I got right out the gate. I was able to stick with it because of you!

Your support means the world!!

So this will be the last update on here. Since I'm the queen of TMI, you all know I'll post pertinent info on my blog or Facebook and will gladly give you a report of how she's doing to any of you who ask.

But this fundraiser is complete :-)



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