Attention Louisiana Gubernatorial Candidates

To ALL Louisiana Gubernatorial candidates, As a citizen of Louisiana who lives in Prairieville Louisiana and drives to work in Port Allen Louisiana, I am here to tell you that doing something about the horrendous traffic situation on the Mississippi River bridge should be your top priority. 

Let me give you some facts.

I work as a recruiter in Port Allen, when looking for people to fill positions on this side of the bridge, we always give preference to those living over here because we know that getting to and from work will ALWAYS be an issue if they live on the Baton Rouge side, due to that damn bridge. I have heard from other employers on both sides of the river who say the same thing. The traffic situation caused by the ridiculous set up of that bridge is costing people jobs. Do a survey, you will see, it's a fact.

At 4:30pm each day during the week, when I leave work and get onto the ramp at the Lobdell exit, many times the traffic is backed up to my exit from the bridge. You know how far that is? 4 miles! 

And lets not even talk about if there is a wreck on the bridge. Lord have mercy, an hour commute turns into a two hour commute!

I10 is not just a local thoroughfare, it is a national interstate that runs from Florida to California.Our state should be able to take pride in the portion of I10 that runs through our beautiful state but no, we can't because for some crazy reason we built a bridge that has never been able to accommodate city traffic, in state traffic or interstate traffic. It goes down to one lane for God's sake! Baton Rouge is the only place where I10 goes down to a one lane INTERSTATE! Who was the genius who thought that was a good idea?

But then there's the Washington Street exit. First, again, who was the genius who put an exit that close to the merge from the bridge and why? I'm sure back in 1968 when the bridge was completed, that area of town was heavily populated but it no longer is. This exit needs to be closed, moved or at the very least, the exit lane should be substantially shortened. It's so stupid how everyone will get into that middle lane way back on the bridge, many of them at the Hwy 1 on-ramp,  because they know that eventually, once they are over the bridge, they will have to merge quickly because all of a sudden, here you are at the Washington St exit lane "Washington Street Exit Only". So everyone is afraid to go to that point to merge. Which is driver error and adds to the headache and makes me want to grab a bull horn and say "take the lane all the way until it ends dig dong! And you cars that are not letting people merge over, don't be douche bags! Leave some space so the ones who need to merge can flow into your line of traffic. Be a part of the solution not the problem. Oh no sir you stupid car stopping a mile back WAITING to merge over. Seriously? You see ALL that space in front of you WAY before the "Washington Street Only" sign? You do? So move it! Don't jam everyone up 4 miles because you're afraid you might not be able to merge until the last minute. SO what if you can't, it's not the end of the world, merge at the last minute but don't stop a mile back and block up the lane! This would not be an issue if there were no "Washington Street Exit Only" lane and there was a continuing two lanes of traffic flowing onto I10.

I know the argument is that the Washington Street exit is an under privileged area that still requires access but I disagree it has to stay where it is to provide that access. That area can easily be accessed by exiting onto the Highland/Nicholson exit.

Look at the map below, there is clear and easy access to the same area via the Highland/Nicholson exit. That area's population, at one time, bore the burden of having both of those exits but it no longer does. Contrast that to the rising traffic crossing the Mississippi River bridge, that does require more lanes and the logical response is to close the Washington Street exit. It now contributes to a growing problem and is no longer needed to facilitate a significant volume of traffic to that area since travelers could exit off Nicholson.

And good thing Ascension Parish roads are a parish problem not a gubernatorial issue or I'd also go off on these tiny A$$ roads they have leading up to multi-million dollar schools (Prairieville Middle) and fancy neighborhoods with million dollar houses (Swamp road) that two cars can hardly travel on much-less school buses! How is it that every person with a child in Ascension Parish is not demanding this be fixed?

But I'll save that rant for the local politicians.



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