What I Think We Should Do With Those Planned Parenthood Videos

Due to social media and 24 hour news channels, we can no longer bury our head in the sand, we are forced to weigh out all the information on any given subject and decide almost immediately. But we also have to decided extensively. We are constantly getting information to take in and process.

That is happening with abortion right now due to those undercover video's that are being released one every week or so.

It was easy to not think about the horrors of late term abortion as long as you didn't have to think about it or see it. But refusing to see something is no longer possible. Even if the media doesn't want to cover it, it's all over social media, everyone is talking about it, even if the Planned Parethood lobby doesn't want them to.

The abortion conversation has been reignited because you can click on youtube and see three different videos right now showing doctors and Planned Parenthood executives discussing the buying and selling of body parts, talking about crushing body parts and you can even watch doctors wade through baby body parts and exclaim "it's a boy" about the aborted baby.

This is not just accessible to pro-life right wing extremest.

These are not video's being viewed by only anti abortion groups.

These video's are being watched by the masses and they are making people jerk their heads out of the sand.

So because of this, we have an opportunity to really make change from both sides of this debate. Those on the right who say they want to save lives of the innocent and end legal access to abortions. and those on the left who say they want to leave that choice up to women, but decrease the need for abortions.

On The Right

If the right lets politicians use this to win elections, to pander to the far right without it resulting in substance that matters (which has happened during several election years) and if they let people like Family Research Counsel and other fear inducing organizations control the conversation, if we refuse to discuss access to birth control, sex education, support for unwed mothers, etc, than we will lose this chance to really make an impact on how many babies are aborted.

If the right continues to allow men to be the mouth piece on this issue, continue to suppress women who want equal pay, maternity leave, head start and other federally funded preschool programs, then it will only fuel the belief that pro lifers are anti women and only care about the unborn baby. And this will not be a conversation, it will continue to be a screaming match of extreme voices refusing to hear each other.

On The Left

If they keep trying to kill the messenger rather than address the message, EVERYONE sees through that. It's obvious you are refusing to address what is really on the videos because it's inexcusable. Even if they don't want to defund Planned Parenthood, even if they believe abortion should be legal, they should at least restrict them from doing abortions until the evidence on these video's is investigated and put them under constant audit and tighter regulations since they do still receive federal dollars. The left should not continue to allow them do whatever they want simply because they are the premier abortion provider.

I am more liberal than conservative, but on this issue I am not with Democrats. The left has got to get out of bed with Planned Parenthood just like the right has got to get out of bed with the NRA.

We need to come together, level headed pro-choice and pro-life clergy, medical professionals, scientist, legislators,WOMEN from both sides of this issue and find middle ground that results in less unwanted pregnancies, poor women getting the health care they need, fewer and fewer abortions and a cradle to grave respect for life.

Christians, Republicans, isn't that supposed to be the goal? Fewer abortions? A value for all life?

When the right refuses to acknowledge that abortions went down to historic lows during the Obama administration, that's when you know it's all a political win or lose game. If it was really about saving lives and helping woman they would have researched how and why abortions go up during republican administrations and down during Democratic administrations. But no, the right just screams, "He's pro-choice!" Yea but he also worked to alleviate poverty, make contraceptives and health care more accessible to women and children and those changes affect the amount of women getting pregnant and the number of women choosing to abort.

On the same hand is the Lefts handling of the Kermit Gosnell situation back a couple years ago. Here is a doctor killing women, convicted for it, and yet the pro abortion lobby still would not hit that situation head on and acknowledge that abortion clinics need to have admitting privileges at local hospitals and they need to be scrutinized as closely as any other facility that preforms invasive surgeries. How can they say they care about women if that case didn't show them there needed to be more oversight of abortion providers?

 The ones who should NOT control this conversation are those who only see black and white on each side, who refuse to compromise. Who see this as a political issue to be won rather than lives to be saved. 

So as a female, a former right wing conservative who is now an independent liberal, a feminist who was a hard core Republican up until 2009, who was arrested four time protesting against abortion in front of clinics in the late 1980's and early 90's, as someone who spent years working with women and children living in poverty, this is what I propose;

Congress should form a bipartisan committee made up of ONLY women legislators, doctors, lawyers, clergy, scientist, mothers, daughters, sisters. Bring in women living in poverty and women who work with the impoverished. Bring in female teachers and professionals. Bring in soccer moms, single women, older ladies, teen girls. There should be a complete women's summit to discuss reproductive rights and laws, comprised of women from all walks of life committed to being open minded, hearing each other and committed to working together to propose laws that save the lives of both the unborn and the born from pregnancy and throughout life.

Who should not control this conversation is activist extremest on either side, anyone running for election, anyone who can or does benefit financially from the abortion industry or the anti-abortion industry and men. Yes, I said men should not be a part of this conversation because this issue really is mostly a woman's issue but this conversation has been shaped on the right by men almost 100% of the time so lets try something different and maybe we will get different results.

I know, this proposal is a fantasy, it's far fetched and will never happen but I can dream cant I? I can dream that compromise can be reached. I can dream things will change.

And I hope these horrific videos will actually, finally, bring real change for the better of everyone, no matter which side of the abortion debate we are on.


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