Holding the Snake by His Head

I had a dream this morning, it started out with me standing in the front yard of my childhood home holding a rattlesnake's mouth shut with my thumbs on top, four fingers on bottom. He was glaring at me with eyes that said "let up your grip and I'll strike hard and fast" I was walking out of my house into the yard with him just'a twitching and flailing around furiously. There were other people around me but I couldn't make out their faces ( you know how dreams are) but I was holding it and trying to figure out how to kill a snake when you're squeezing his mouth shut with your hands. Should I hold him high above my head and throw him like I'm tossing a basketball back in play? No, I can't throw far, he'll probably fall on my head and bite my neck! Should I have someone cut his body off while I'm still holding his mouth shut? Should I get someone to stab him in the head, between my thumbs, risking my hands getting cut? Oh lord, what am I gonna do with this snake now? I'm stuck holding his mouth shut in the very worst way. I can't do this much longer, my thumbs are already shanking. I don't know how to kill it without risking it biting me.

Then Evangeline woke me up and scared the crap out of me, asking if I could check her into school later so she could sleep more. So I don't know what happened. I laid there playing out scenarios in my mind. Best case, I throw it and someone with a boot on is near by and stomps him (Dean with his steel toe work boots maybe?)

Ammye and Karen know that snakes represent danger from Evil in my dreams. I've had two others and I can recall them vividly. A Huge syfi size snake was after me in some way and I was afraid and trying to get away, but this time I had his nasty mouth squeezed shut looking into his evil eyes knowing he wanted to sink his venom into me. How did I get him like that? Is that even possible? Certainly not smart. And he was small. 4-5 feet in guessing. But he didn't die in my dream, I was left holding him wondering how I could kill him without him biting me.


Josh22230 said…
Sounds to me like a very prophetic dream. Show how the enemy (Satan) wants to destroy you and you calling (gifts). It’s funny I too am an artist and I have draw and panted a picture of myself and also Jesus holding the mouth of a cobra shut. And later it was revealed to be by the LORD that a cobra spot is venom at its victims. And to me that is very significant because Satan my whole life has spit lies and planted false things into my mind, heart, and spirit. But no more! In this season I am in God is walking me through the steps it takes to shut the mouth of the serpent and to cast it into the flames to which it belongs! So if you’re going to kill you snake kill it with the power of the Holy Spirit, Yeshua ( Jesus Christ) , and YHWH (God). Through that sucker into a fire and let it burn up!

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