Sneaking Back In Through the Window

It was a cool, starless, October 7th 1982. I was 15 years old and I was climbing back into my house through my bedroom window at 4am after a night of partying.

It wasn't a low window but it wasn't super high up either. Kinda' mid way between the roof and the ground. It was a normal, mid sized window.

I had flung my leg up onto the ledge, ducked my head into the open window pane just as the phone rang inside my house.

I jerk lifted my head hitting it on the window, startled by the ringing of our phone in the formerly silent darkness of my house.

What the?! Why was the phone ringing at 4am? Crap! Someone must be calling mom to tell on me! A neighbor? Crap! Maybe it's a cop who saw me cruising around town!

I don't even remember who I was with that night or why I had sneaked out. 

I dove into the window,  I heard mom running down the hall past my door, to the kitchen to answer the phone. I ran to my bed across the room and dove under the covers fully dressed. I just knew it was someone calling to bust me for sneaking out. I was gonna beat them at their game. When she came in I would look like a normal sleeping teenager. That's what she would see. Ha! to those evil people calling to get me in trouble, Ha to them!

I was panting, frantically trying to calm myself so that when she did come in, she wouldn't see I was out of breath, not really sleeping peacefully.

"What?! Oh my God! OK!" I head my mom scream into the phone. Then she ran back down the hall to her room, still not opening my door. 

I didn't dare move. I still had on my shoes and sweaty clothes, I didn't care. I laid motionless.  My breath returning to normal somewhat, my mind racing, trying to figure out what was going on.

I had no idea.

"Carole! Donna is in labor!!" My mom yelled at me as she briefly opened my door and shut it again in a mad rush down the hall.

"What?" I yelled as I sat up in bed. But she was gone like a flash. Out the door, into the car, tearing off down the road into the night.

I first breathed a  sign of relief, then the reality hit me, "Donna is in labor!" How was that possible? She wasn't due for a few more months. This is not good. This is bad.

I tried to relax, go to sleep, but even as a selfish 15 year old, I knew this was concerning.

There was no way to call my mom or my sister. Back in 1982 we didn't have cell phones, only land lines. I had no idea what was going on until my mom called at 7am to tell me that Donna had given birth to a 2lb baby boy.

He was 12 weeks early.

My sister told us later that during the night she thought she was constipated, the cramps she was having were familiar to her, she always had issues with constipation and she said they were like intense constipation cramps.

She was only 16 years old, living with her new husband in a trailer behind our grandparents house.

When the cramps got so bad she couldn't take it anymore, she knocked on my grandmothers door to see if she had any medication. "Grandma, I'm so constipated, it's hurting so bad! You have anything to help me poop?" She asked our half asleep grandmother. Grandma had worked in a doctors office when she was younger and it didn't take her long to figure out that Donna was not constipated, she was in labor.

By the time my mom got to Donna she was struggling to keep Timmy from coming out. My grandmother was coaching her to breath through the contractions and not push but she also had her spread eagle in the back of the car as they drove the 45 minutes to the hospital. Non of them thought they were gonna make it to the hospital before Timmy made his entrance into the world but they did. Five minutes after they entered the Emergency room door, Timmy was born. He looked like a little alien with long limbs, big eyes and a little bulb nose.

He stayed in the hospital for a month.

That was 32 years ago. Today Timmy is married and has three boys of his own.

I'll always remember that crazy morning when he came into the world. 


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