I've noticed that now, In my late 40's, parts of life have become effortless, second nature. I'm not talking about doing things with confidence, in order to think confidently you have to actually think, I'm talking about things that are so routine, after so many years of doing them that I could do them in my sleep.
Here, let me give you a few examples of what I'm talking about;
  • Driving with my knee while filling in my eyebrows.
  • Putting on makeup while driving.
  • Painting my fingernails perfectly 3 to 5 times a week.
  • Adding the exact amount of Coffee scoops to make that perfect pot of coffee at work.
  • Saying "brush your teeth", "go pee", "do insulin" "check your blood sugar" to my kids.
  • Always having my keys when I need them.
  • Saying "Love you" anytime I'm hanging up the phone, kissing goodnight or goodbye, to my husband and kids.

That's just to name a few.

I marveled one time at a drunk lady as she cooked a complete meal to perfection while intoxicated.  She was in her late 40's.

I remember my aunt Nancy putting on make-up without a mirror and it looked good.

My friend Lorri pulled out Evangeline's tooth one time while talking to me about something completely unrelated, without even interrupting our conversation she reached in Evangeline's mouth, grabbed it and yanked. Having 5 kids made that effortless for her. 

Over time we do things so much they become second nature.

And I think in our 40's is when we are in full stride of Effortlessness.

I think this is peaking right now, in middle age because it's like a gift God gives us to offset the awfulness of forgetting peoples names and stories our kids told us yesterday and menopause, wrinkles, grey hair, hot flashes, falling cheeks and the formation of "grandma" arms.

We all used to hear and see and appreciate this knowledge that comes with age, this effortlessness in others was admired.

Now we just want to be young, have perky boobs a flat stomach and a J-Lo butt.

Me too, I'll admit it. Gosh I'd love to have all of those.

But I'm not anxious anymore, which is nice. I have learned to rest and be present in these moments. Grab that cup of coffee, sniff it in and relish in the pleasure of that heavenly smell. When my arms ache for my kids, I grab them and hold tight, until of course-if it's Abel or Evangeline-they make it clear they are done with that hug, "stop mom!" then I reluctantly let go. Steele will let us kiss and hug him for hours. What a gift. 

 I wonder how long this will last? Until my 60's? I hope so. But there's no way to know so I will just embrace this time and enjoy the hugs, the coffee, my painted fingernails and perfectly filled in eyebrows.


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