My Butt is Already 47

That's my measurements this morning.

I have the waist of a 6 foot tall man! 


But look at my hip measurement, the perfect number, 47! And we all know the hips don't lie ;-) 

Lord that's big for a butt and it ain't out back like J-Lo, no it's a wide trailer-park-redneck butt! 

Still, I kinda dig the fact that it's 47 inches since I'll be 47 in 15 days and since I have (what I thought was, but turned out not to be) the number 47 in Elvish tattooed on my hip.

Did I curse my redneck butt with that tattoo?!! 

Darn you Istari! 

Whatever the case, it is what it is...for now but hopefully not for good.

I've been working out pretty much daily since May 26th, strength training every other day, walking 1-2 miles on the alternating days. I've been eating less than 1400 calories a day, mostly whole foods, making sure less than 50% of my daily intake is carbs, drinking lots of water, etc. I've been doing all this and documenting everything since May 26th and yet, I've lost no weight and no inches.

I've also tried Plexislim, Pure Garcina Cambogia and Smoothie Kings Herbal Cleanse, along with the eating right and exercising and still no change. 

I go to the endocrinologist August 19th and I will give him the records I've kept over the last two months and see what he has to say.

I know it's because of the PCOS and insulin resistance I have now brought on by too much hormone replacement, and I know I have to keep exercising and eating right to combat that but still, it's very disheartening to see no results. 

I have to say though, I feel so much better. My feet hurt but I still love how I feel after walking and after strength training. There's something "hurt so good" about sore muscles. So, I won't stop doing this. I've never in my life worked out this consistently for this long, I regret that but it's never too late...that's what I have to remind myself. 

If you know of any sure fire ways for a 47 year old female with PCOS, whacked out hormones and insulin resistance to lose inches in her stomach, please tell me, I'm all ears...and belly fat, I'm all ears and belly fat...

Oh and I have 47 inch hips. 


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