Just Don't Become a Pot Head, OK?

And now we join this mom talking to her 18 year old daughter about Willie Nelson, weed, pot, mary-ja-wanna...

"I swear if I find out you are a pot head!
First off, it's illegal. Second, I don't know any pot heads who are happy. I'm not talking about people who smoke pot occasionally, I've smoked pot before, I wish it was legal here, I'd probably smoke it with friends occasionally, I have no problem with mature responsible adults smoking pot occasionally,  but I'm talking about you, now, at 18, still in high-school, I don't want you to be known for that like some people we know are.

My biggest problem with it for teenagers, young adults is every pot head I know is living a looser life or they're depressed all the time. I don't see any good fruit from that lifestyle. Look at your friends who are always high, would you say they were happy people or they just don't care? Happiness, contentment, joy, are not the same as not caring, checking out of reality, sleeping through life. The ones I know that are always high are pretty miserable people when they aren't high, when they have to participate in life, ya know? If you can prove me wrong, please do.

I appreciate you talking to me openly and honestly, so I'm just asking you to live wisely, make good choices. I want you to care deeply about life even when it hurts, even when it would be easier to check out. Yes, I know there are people who fully engage in life and smoke pot, just like there are functioning alcoholics. I just don't want that for you.

As your mom I'm asking that you try to live a life of self control, balance, good judgement. You are an adult now, I know that, but pot is still illegal and you can still get arrested for even having it. Yes, the chances of you or any of your white friends here in suburban Prairieville getting arrested for smoking pot are slim, it's not like you're a black guy in the hood but still, it happens. Look at C, she got arrested and she's a big boobed, white female, so it does happen.

I just don't think its worth it, I hope you hear what I'm saying and take my advice. I'm asking you to not do it unless it becomes legal and even then, use good judgement and don't become a pot head OK? Thanks."


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