Some Traits I Got From My Mom

My mom is a reader. I recall very well many a day, running in asking her if I could go somewhere or do something and she would be sitting on the couch reading a book. I knew my chances of getting my way had greatly increased if she was reading because she would get so annoyed at me pestering her while she was enjoying some peaceful escape into the world of the book she was reading, she would just say "Go, I don't care!" and in that moment she would forget she had grounded me just an hour before.

My mom loves music. Bar B Q's in the back yard, parties at the lake, any function at our house or with friends meant music would be playing. Fleetwood Mac, Steve Miller Band, Meatloaf, Led Zeplin, Lynard Skynyrd, all make me think of fun memories of my childhood.

My mom loves to sing. In the morning, while she was getting ready for work and we were getting ready for school, she would sing. The radio wasn't on usually, she was just singing. I marveled at her ability to remember the lyrics to songs. I remember thinking I wanted to grow up and be able to remember song lyrics and sing as well as my mom.
My mom loves to laugh. She's not silly, and she doesn't enjoy silly, but she has some great one liners and a sarcastic wit. If my family is drinking, it's not to fight or be that "angry drunk" no, we are having fun. They say alcohol brings out what's really inside and I love that when my mom drinks she's usually talking, laughing, singing and dancing.

My mom is straight forward. When I was a teenager in love with a poon hound who was trying to have his way, my mom said "Carole, a hard penis has no conscious.". She doesn't mince words, ask and she will tell you, sometime you don't even need to ask.

My mom works hard. She raised the three of us alone, there were periods of time where she had to work two and three jobs. I'm sure she called in sick sometime, was late for work occasionally but I don't remember any of that. I just remember a mom with a great work ethic trying to provide for us even when that wasn't possible alone. She would work hard all week and still have to walk into Winn Dixie and use food stamps. She couldn't be to proud or throw herself a pity party, she had three mouths to feed. I saw her wear the same two pair of pants to work every day so that we could have clothes.

Looking back now at age 47 I think I finally get it. The books, the music, the laughing, they all were ways of coping with life, making it the best in a world where she was raising three kids as a single mother, buying groceries with food stamps, and working hard for very little money.

Escaping into a book, finding comfort and delight in a song, drinking and laughing with friends, shooting straight with people all helped her do what she had to do. And I'm glad I learned the value of those things in my life from watching her.

THANKS MOM!! Happy Mother's Day!!

My niece Megan, sister Donna, my mom, my niece Candice an her daughter, my great niece, Bayla,


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