Fat and Happy

But I want to be skinny and happy dang-it! It's not fair at all! I weigh more then I ever have and I hate it! See I'm about to be 47 years old in August and I had a hysterectomy when I was 40. I still have my ovaries but over the last couple of years I had increasingly worse hot flashes. But even worse then that, I had become even more of a b!#@h. I would go from zero to Chris Brown in nothing flat.

So, I told my OBGYN my symptoms, he drew some blood and bam, there it was, low estrogen. He put my on a low dose of hormones three months ago and life has been just peachy keen since, I'm nicer, I don't knee jerk react and turn into a psycho BUT the weight gain. UGH!

I've been drinking Plexis Slim for three weeks and I've lost...wait for it...1lb. Yes, One. Frikin. Pound! Oh and yes, I lowered my caloric intake, I've been doing my stomach exercises, drinking more water and less alcohol, eating whole wheat pasta and rice, not eating much bread, more fruits and vegetables, no soft drinks, blah...blah...blah.

Hormone replacement = weight gain BUT it also equals happy. Yes, the emotion of happiness is nice, really nice, just ask my kids and my husband, I'm nicer.

I want to be skinny and happy. Not Angelina Jolie skinny, I like 140-145lbs skinny, size 10 skinny, middle aged mom skinny. I'm not asking for much.

So, I'm starting to investigate natural hormone replacements and other weight loss options. No, I don't like to work out, I could tell you I will because I know that's what I should say, I know you all have great effective work out plans for me, but if I tell you I'm going to do them, I'm sorry, I would not be truthful. I may walk, continue doing my stomach exercises and I am looking for some free weights but really I want a pill to pop each day that will melt the fat off. A happy pill that will melt the fat off.

A girl can dream, like Blondie says, dreaming is free.


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