2013: The Face of Christ

I saw him in a photo of a murdered thug
In a sad, defeated church worker
In my anger
In my fear
I saw him

I saw him when I forgave
When I felt sad
When I felt pain

I saw him holding us
Moving us
And guiding us

I saw him in the prisons
In my office co workers
And in a stroke victim wanting a job
I saw him

I saw him in the man who hired me
in my 17 year old daughters laughter
My Rain Man's hugs
My African child's determination
My husbands long suffering
I saw him

I saw him in the hot flashes
In the fits of rage
In the craziness
And in the medication
I saw him

I saw him in a broken church family
In our pain
In the new adventures
In the forgiveness
I saw him

I saw him in a fallen hero's eyes
The desperation
The longing to be free of the shame
I saw him

I saw him In conversations over Margarita's
In trips to New Orleans
The loans from family
Even in drunken text messages
Many times this year
I saw the face of Christ

Carole Turner 12/11/2013


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