20 Years Ago This Week

I was living in Houston working as a nanny. Two days before Christmas I flew home to Okeechobee Florida to be with my family for the holidays. 

I remember exiting the plane in Palm Beach and seeing my brother Joe, standing there waiting for me. That was back in the day when your people could meet you at the gate when your plane arrived.

Standing beside my brother was his best friend, who I had never met in all my trips home to Florida, he was always gone for some reason every time I came down. But I knew his name, Joe always talked about him and even commented when he told me who was going to be with him, picking me up from the air port,

"I can't believe you've never met Dean"

"I know, it's weird ya'll have been friends for so long and he's never there when I come down."  

When I saw Dean standing there by Joe my first thought was "Wow, he's cute but he needs to get rid of that mustache."      

Christmas Eve we all went to the local bowling alley bar and there was a drunk guy there who knew Dean,  

"Hey who's this lovely lady?" He asked Dean.

"That's my wife" Dean replied.

I played along, "Yep, we just got married." 

He didn't buy it at first but we kept up the act and by the end of the night I think we had him convinced. 

By the end of the week Dean and I were in love.

5 months later I moved from Houston to Okeechobee.

3 months after that we were married.

That was 20 Years ago this week, that's when I found the love of my life.

Merry Christmas to me. 


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