In This Moment

I'm sitting outside at my black iron patio table on my back porch watching the rain, sipping on cheap Rex Goliath Cabernet and listening to my dog bark. I'm looking at the chunks she has taken out of my house when she was tied up near it this morning and her Labrador instinct to chew everything in sight kicked in; the bottom of the wood siding looked tasty I guess.

Last night she chewed one of the poles that holds up our back porch. I went around and sanded all of the chewed areas and painted them again. I'm not sure that made the areas look any better.

I've moved her now over to the side yard and made sure she couldn't reach the house with her teeth.

I don't think she's worth the damage she is doing to our home but Abel loves her and she's only a puppy..we're training her..hopefully she won't always chew everything. 

I'm ready for October 15th to get here. That's my first official day at work. I'm so bored at home all day. I wasn't made to be bored. 

But in this moment, as I watch the rain and contemplate the tropical storm in the gulf named Karen, I'm remembering.

I remember I was supposed to be working on being in the moment with the people I love, mostly my kids and my husband. I told my counselor I would work on that. I haven't been doing that. So I will start, again, today.

I'm also remembering how blessed I am to have a hard working husband who recently got a much deserved promotion at work. I'm remembering how miraculous it is that James Windom chose to hire me as the first case manager to come on board under CAPARCs new grant. I'm remembering how my mom always comes through for me and I don't appreciate her enough. 

So even though Bella (our puppy) has chewed the house and even though Karen has gathered the elements of the gulf and needs to put on a potentially dangerous show for us this weekend, in this moment, I'm counting my blessings. They are many.


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