...And I'm a Jesus Feminist

There's a new book coming out called Jesus Feminist by Sarah Bessey. I've already pre-ordered it on Amazon.

On the books Facebook page Sarah asked people to take pictures of themselves holding a sign with, "I'm a _____ and I'm a Jesus Feminist" written on it.

I was excited for the book, I'm looking forward to reading it and I wanted to be a part of promoting it, so I got out my sharpie and a piece of paper, fixed my hair and put on make up, I was almost ready to take my picture...but then I couldn't decide what I was.

Writing "I'm a _____" proved to be a challenge for me.

I'm a....hum, what snippet of "me" will I use for this small sign? What ONE little sentence will I use to define me?

I'm a writer and also a singer and an artist, I'm a mom, a wife, a Lord of the Rings freak, a C.S. Lewis scholar, a reader, researcher, an orphan care activist, a background-actress and a professional house cleaner. I'm a music lover, and a bull S#!t hating redneck woman, tattooed former Republican who's now a Progressive Independent. I'm a sexual abuse survivor, former shoplifter and recovering shopaholic, Case Manager for ex-offenders, wine lover, social media addict, fool known by her many words who loves Jesus and I was once told by a pastor, "stop acting like an anti-establishment revolutionary". My first thought was, "who's acting?" I love that label!

So how in the world could I pick just one sentence to define me? 

Then I thought about the sentence I was trying to think of something to precede,  

"And I'm a Jesus Feminist"

There it was, right there, in that statement was all of who I am, all of the crazy labels I was trying to sift through as a woman trying to define herself with one sentence.

I live in a time where Christian women like myself are starting to walk in the equality Jesus laid out for us. I live in a time where powerful women are asking the church to take a second look at how they interpret scriptures pertaining to females throughout biblical history. I live in a time where theologians are taking time to reexamine, in light of context, those died in the wool ideas set down from generation to generation as truth about gender roles in the church, that are in need of a deeper exploration. I live in a time where someone like myself, who was raised by a single mother, then stepped into the world of male dominated southern charismatic churches, can find bible studies, teachers and communities dedicated to affirming and encouraging my equal value in society and in the church. I live in a time where I feel confident that my daughter will one day raise her children in an even more gender equal church and society.

I'm glad to be a part of this progress in the body of Christ and in the world. All of who I am, all of my labels, are a testament to God's grace, love, mercy and freedom given to me as a daughter through the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Getting to be all I can be and break down barriers for the women to come by doing just that, well that's what makes me a Jesus Feminist.


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