One of My Favorite Boutte Memories

I know it's hard to see but this is a picture I took of Hope, Craig, Nathan and Esther, at our house, after the tree went through it last August 29th. This was about a week later, we had borrowed the travel trailer from the Ohlerkings, but didn't have electricity hooked up to it yet. Hope brought over Mexican food.

I remember sitting there, eating outside in the dark with my pastors, my friends, and thinking it just doesn't get any better then this. I looked around at these people who had come over to be family to us in our darkest hour and I knew this was a speechless moment. My eyes welled up with tears, it was dark so I don't think they saw them. My heart was so full. 

I have SO many great, fun, miraculous memories with both Hope and Craig. Gosh, Craig and I fought like brother and sister. It was hilarious. And the days I spent helping Hope do this and that around the DC are so precious to me. I loved every minute.

Glad we are still friends even if you're no longer our pastors. God's grace, favor, love go with you wherever you go. To quote a Ray Boltz song, "Thank you for giving to the lord, I am a life that was changed."


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