Lady Bloggers Cook Big Meals

I love food. I think my size 12 redneck butt can vouch for that. I was raised by a "one-pot" grandma. What I mean by that is, she would make a pot roast or spaghetti, or a casserole, and we may have bread with it or a vegetable but we didn't have big elaborate meals with many courses unless it was a special occasion like Christmas or Thanksgiving. otherwise, we would have a one or two course meal and that's it.

I cook like that too because that's how I was raised.

I think I blog like I cook. I offer a simple main dish that doesn't need much else with it to be filling and satisfying.

I think the female bloggers I read must have all been raised eating meals with many courses, because that's how they blog.

The ladies I am referring to have MASSIVE readership, many fold larger then mine, so this may sound like the gripes of a jealous freshman hating on the senior prom queen. But I really love and learn from their blogs. I read them daily. But I have to admit that I'll start reading a post and then I lose interest usually after the 5th or 6th paragraph, they are just too long and wordy. But it's easy to get what they are trying to say usually. I dig around to find the meat amidst all the fluff.

FLUFF? You ask.

Yes, even the toughest of the Christian feminist bloggers, the Huffpost famous female bloggers seem to feel the need to fluff. And I think it's because as women we feel the need to qualify everything, apologize for every thought we are about to express, express our empathy with every opposing view and give several examples to prove our points and make sure we lay out our qualifications for every opinion, every time. That's the fluff. Sometime when I'm reading these blogs I feel like I'm having to eat through marsh mellows to get to the Filet Mignon. I read a wonderful blog yesterday that honestly had two full paragraphs of qualifiers and apologies at the beginning of it.  I still read most of the post because I love this ladies content.

But you know what, truth is men can give straight forward opinions and critiques using half the words and it is embraced and accepted by blog readers, women cannot. 

There is a difference in how readers view women who blog their opinions vs how they view men who do the same. I know personally I get serious flack sometime. I had a friend just recently go off on me because I dared to offer a different view then she had of The Duggers on facebook. She felt I had no right to a public opinion on these TV stars that I didn't know personally (nor does she). I certainly didn't have a right to say anything publicly according to her.

Over this last year I have upset some of my friends with my blog posts about church drama. People don't like their celebrities questioned or critiqued, even church celebrities, especially in public social media. If we bring up questions or challenge a notion set out by public figures we are called shrill, bitter, judgmental but a male can do the same thing and he is called a prophet or "discerning". 

In the case of the Duggar's, for me to disagree with such famous Christian's publicly is just appalling to some. It's not like they are TV stars or anything, who have been preaching to us via their lives being on display on TV for over four years. Not like their public offering should ever be met with someone saying "hey, we don't all believe like that." heaven forbid a woman say that on social media.

As women we fully expect to sit around the pool, drink wine or coffee and talk about our celebrities, or friends, our leaders, but to do this publicly, well, we are going to need some bread and potatoes in order to digest that meal.

So, I can see why these very famous lady bloggers feel they have to fluff the pillows for their guest and give them more then a pot of Chili and some crackers for dinner, the side of grilled vegetable, salad and desert make the meal better. The pillows make everyone more comfortable.

I should fluff more. I am just not very good at it and it bores me honestly. These ladies are more professional then I am to be certain; they want you to get their message more then they want to make an easy quick meal. They cook big meals and a lot more people like their food then mine. I like their food and I will continue to eat it. I'll just skip some of the side dishes.


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