This is August

  Birth of dreamers
Death of Lonely
Birth of lovers
Death of organs
Birth of pain
Death of dreams 
Birth of proof
Death of homes
Birth of plans
 Death of land
Birth of Swindlers
Death or truth
Birth of spin doctors
Death of blindness
Birth of strength
Death of Walls
Birth of Heart
Death of death of death
Birth of birth of birth  
And in between.

This is August.

August 10th - My 46th birthday
August 8th  - 7 years since adoption of Bradshaw fell through, his mom changed her mind.
August 11th - 15 years since Evangeline was diagnosed with diabetes.
August 15th - Dean's 41st birthday
August 29th - 8 years since hurricane Katrina
August 29th - 1 year since the tree fell on our house and tried to kill us during hurricane Issac.


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