Your Mom Followed Me on Twitter!

@Evangelinekayyy's friend @Chelsey_Levens blocked me on twitter a couple months back. I think it's because she tweets about being a half ginger, retweets @bitchproblems, says the occasional cuss word and post pics of Man Candy.

I mean, of course, that would be so shocking to me to find out that one of @Evangelinekayyy's friends says cuss words and likes guys with their shirts off. (Please feel the sarcasm)

One time @Evangelinekayyy was kinda seeing a real  poon-hound piece of work, who told her "it creeps me out that your mom followed me on twitter and instagram."

Really? So, you want to clean my only girl child's face with your nasty tongue and your shocked that I want to follow you on THE VERY PUBLIC social media outlets?

Another kid, who has nice parents, just told her today, "Why does your mom keep following me on stuff?" 

Uh, wait, weren't you just asking friends a couple months ago to give you a "shout out" on twitter so you could get more followers? I think I saw something like, "Go follow @dav____ on twitter." was that not meant for everyone?

Let me get and set a few things straight for you kids OK?

First if you want privacy, don't use social media at all. Problem solved.

Second, don't beg for follower and then get "creeped out" if a mom follows you. I have people like..

Hi, SonnyBee here! I'm the advocate-activist for saving honeybees & bumblebees. No bees=no food=no people. Buy local organic food/honey from a farmer you know.


Not in any order ! Mummy Nanny,Pescetarian,Pagan,Lesbian,Jill of all trades ,Crafter

Following me so, it's good to have all kinds of people from all walks of life knowing all of your business.

And again, let me repeat, if you don't want your friends mom, or the mom of the girl you like to make out with, or the federal government, or NASA, to follow you, then GET OFF SOCIAL MEDIA. Block me, whatever.

But we find ways around "blocking" children.
Because as a mom of a teenage daughter, I want to know who she knows, know who wants to know her, know what poon hound is trying to have sex with my baby girl, know what horny ex-boyfriend is trying to keep her strung along on a little kiss leash.

I am the cool mom,  I don't freak out about a lot of stuff that other mom's freak out about, ask @they_call_me_em or @cheramiefaith but I'm not the "they deserve their privacy" mom, that's how abductions and date rapes happen. So, my children listen up, I will follow your friends, I will comment on their Vines, Instagrams and Tweets. Such is your life, embrace it. You get your privacy when you own the phone, the computer, the house, the bed, the car, the table, the couch, that you use social media from.

And who am I kidding, even then,  I'll find you... and so will the federal government.


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