Three Unfinished Books

I started writing my life story a few years back and never finished.

Then two years ago I started writing a daily devotional titled "A Bi%@# Free Year" but never finished it.

Recently I started writing a novel called "Men of God", I wrote one page in two months. so yea, it's not finished either.

Instead of writing I go paint to get out my creative frustration.

And all the while time goes by.

I wish I could say I don't know better, but I do.

I've read Bird by Bird, The War of Art, Going Pro, all of them. I know It's about the work. Sitting down and working.

Gosh this sucks! I suck!

The stories are in there. They are. I hear them screaming at me to get out. Pray I will finish at least one of these books that I've started....finish in this decade, lifetime, whatever.


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