Carole's Favorite Things For May

It's like Oprah's favorite things only I'm not Oprah and I don't get or give these things away for free :-)

Rex Goliath 47 wine is $4.50 at Walmart and it's actually really good. I bought it for the first time years ago simply because it's name contained the number 47 in it but found it to be very good wine.

Pure Ice nail polish is $1.95 also at Walmart. It comes in a great assortment of colors and stays on better then that stinking $9 Essie nail polish, which I accidentally purchased one time and it's SO not worth $9!

Community Zydeco Chi tea. Wow. So good! Now, it's not cheap, (i think it was like, $6 or $8) that snazzy tin is probably why, but I love that Community Coffee is venturing into the tea biz and I love the spice and sass of this Louisiana infused flavor.

Your welcome.


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