A Painting Is Worth A Thousand Words

I've been expressing myself here on the blog as always but I am also using my other outlet, painting, to express myself.

It's so cool how that happens, what's inside comes out.

I think art says different things to different people but I also believe you can learn a lot about an artist story by looking at their art.

What these paintings say is worth a thousand words indeed.
The Sun Weeps

The Fog

Summertime Sadness
The Heart of Matter
Reaching From Summer to Winter

Spring Fever

These are all apart of my new "Spray & Drip" collection. There are no brushes used on these paintings, they are a mix of spray paint and standard house paints, poured, splattered, dabbed and spilled. These pieces along with some of my chairs, jeans and my furniture painting services, will be on sale in my "Pop-up Business" during the Better Blocks BR weekend, April 13th and 14th on Government St. I will have a tent set up in the "Pop Up Village" located in Westmorland Shopping Center along with these other great businesses,

-Collignon Designs/Natalie Lane Clay Art
-Louisiana Office Supply
-LSU Museum of Art
-LUSH Cosmetics
-Raising Canes Lemonade Stand
-Red Stick Spice Company
-Sabai Jewelry Gallery
-Tiger Deaux-nuts
-Tough Cookies

It's all apart of this...

Building Blocks

Project to demonstrate a better Government Street
For one weekend in April, Baton Rouge will have a chance to experience Government Street — or a few blocks of it, at least — the way planners and midcity merchants and residents have long felt it should be.

Better Block BR is a demonstration project that will bring the road down to one lane in each direction and a center turn lane just west of Acadian Thruway. It also will introduce slower traffic, better crosswalks, bicycle lanes and shops up close to the street with café seating.

While 15 temporary businesses, a beer garden, a park and public murals will undoubtedly create a festive atmosphere, organizers say the intent is far more serious.

Read more here.. http://theadvocate.com/news/business/5561068-123/building-blocks

I'm so excited and honored to be a part of this. I love Mid City and I would love to see it become a more inviting and homey gathering place for arts, shopping, entertainment. Come see me next weekend, check out what the future of this area could look like, do some shopping, some eating, some getting to know the creative and wonderful Mid City area again, April 13th and 14th, it will be great fun!


Bill said…
Beautiful work. I especially like "Reaching from Summer to Winter."
Anonymous said…
Daughter! Reaching from Summer to Winter is mine, mine, mine.

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