We Write So We Don't Go Crazy

I was interviewed the other day by a young man, Joseph, my friend Anne's nephew, he is a writer. He's in high-school and he had to interview someone who is in the profession he wants to be in when he grows up. I wish I was actually making money in that profession but no. He writes fiction and wants to write movies and/or video games. I believe Joseph has a promising future. I think he will actually make money writing.

At one point during the interview he asked, "Why do you write?" I replied without hesitation, "So I don't go crazy".  And he nodded sternly in agreement and said "YES!" He got me. I got him.  We are writers. We ache for expression. We burst with stories inside us that will indeed kill us if not written down. Oh, maybe not literally stab us in the heart or shoot us while we sleep but they will kill our souls if they are kept inside to eat away at our destiny. How can I be so mellow dramatic you ask? Well because I'm a writer that's why and other writers, other artist, they understand.We have been given outlets of drawing, creating, singing, writing lyrics and melodies, stories and editorials about culture and life.

God has given us our outlets so we don't go crazy.


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