Why Quoting God Isn't A Good Idea

Unlike most people I know, I miss God a lot. Some would say it's because I listen to Kid Rock or because I recently was an extra in a Horror movie. I'm not holy enough to hear from Him. Maybe they are right, who knows, not me certainly.

See, I was so sure I was being compelled to finish my book and open a tea shop this year, I felt God was telling me that, but now I see I was maybe incorrect.

Just like it was in a supernatural way,  I suddenly hit the ground running with my paint business and now, well that has my focus. I am in the zone. You know that zone, where it seems you are walking the correct path? Peace of heart and mind. That path.

I should know better then to quote God by being proven wrong in my life and by seeing all the people who have said "God said" over the years and then wind up screwing their lives up royally. I think it's so arrogant really, I do it, I'm arrogant and stubborn more times then I care to admit, but that's another blog post.

Life is funny, I run it full on like a spastic child and God trips me when he needs me to stop, I quoted him and I believe he tripped me and I'm glad my knees didn't get too skinned up from it.

He is with me, I am with Him even when I'm not-Amazing Grace.

Now I must go paint...

Oh by the way, go check out my web site for my business please :-) Click on the Picture...


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