The Farm

My grandmother was raised on a farm. She told us stories of milking cows, churning butter, slaughtering pigs and plucking chickens. She was an orphan, her mother died when she was a baby and her father left for months on end traveling the world, building bridges, so she would live with relatives. Mostly she lived with her Aunt Minnie, and she was the one with the farm. The happy stories from my grandmothers childhood come from that farm. My brothers love of buttermilk with corn bread crumbled up in it, come from that farm, my love of fresh butter comes from that farm, my sister's knowledge of how to make the best biscuits in the world, all come from the fact that my grandmother who helped raise us was raised on a farm.

A couple of years ago my friends Donna and Jimmy Clyde bought some land not too far from us (45 minutes away but they were living in Texas and Colorado so that's a lot closer :-) and I heard them over the years talk of how Donna dreamed of having a farm. She is such a country girl in the crunchy-granola kind of way, raw milk, home grown vegetables, researching every food meticulously to learn it's value and place in our lives. She loves fresh healthy foods and wanted to grow and raise her own with her family, teaching her eight kids how to live off the land and appreciate it all.

When they invited us up to see their new land and the small section of the house they had completed, I had seen pictures but I wasn't prepared really. As I entered the gate and drove my way down the winding driveway into the woods, and then out again into a clearing, I saw the pond, the rolling hills, the pastures for the cow, the pigs, the chicken coop and I literally teared up. Not for me, but for Donna, she had her dream, she had her farm. And it made me happy.

We love to go visit the Clyde farm, as we call it, because it's peaceful and it's educational. My city slicker kids ride four wheelers, play with chickens and learn how to milk cows.  I love just sitting by the pool with a glass of wine, talking and listening to Donna 's stories about depressed rooster and cut up teats.
I am not a country girl, so I don't want to give anyone that impression. I am a city girl. I love crowds, noisy down-towns, dirty streets, honking cars and street musicians. I like to visit the country, a farm, but I don't like to live there.

But I do love what it is. I love that people I know and love, love farming, love the country. I love farms because they remind me of my grandmother. and I love farms because without farms, us city girls wouldn't eat.

I know everyone has seen this commercial from the Super Bowl, I hear tell that Donna Clyde teared up watching it, I know it's true because it choked me up and I'm not even a farmer! But how could it not get us all right in the heart with those images laid over the one-of-a-kind story telling of Paul Harvey telling us why God made a farmer? It's poetic and true.  Dodge captured the spirit of farming perfectly in this truck ad.

I'm glad I have a farm in my history. I'm glad I have a farming friend in my present. It makes every one's lives more beautiful.

I miss Paul Harvey.."good day!'


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