It's an Art Life Justin Timberlake

I'm trying really hard to focus. I've realized I'm not Justin Timberlake. Most artist are gifted in several mediums but few can do all of them well. I need to focus on one thing and do it with all my heart.

That one thing needs to also generate income. I have my painting business that I've given a little bit of time and effort to over the years but now it will get my focus.

I'm in the process of making a packet to give to furniture stores and art galleries around the area and I've also recently been given the great privilege of having some of my art featured at Yvette Marie's Cafe inside Circa 1857 and at the next Hot Art Cool Nights, in May, I will be a featured artist there.

Check out my facebook page, and hire me to paint something for you.


Anonymous said…
you also need to understand that justin only became the renaissance man that he is today after such great success with his music career. I completely agree that you don't want to spread yourself too thin before you secure your recognition in your respective field. Do one thing, be the best at it. Once you become revered in that community you'll be able to branch out to others. we've been discussing art, life, and careers in the Christian community at - i'd love to hear some of your input

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