Beast of the Southern Wild

@storychicago asked on their Facebook page, what was inspiring us lately and I didn't hesitate to answer; this soundtrack, it's magical. It captures the essence of south Louisiana in music, before, during and post Katrina. The drama of the flooding, the poverty, the gleeful denial, the tragedy and pain, the innocence remaining and lost, all perfectly captured in this compilation of sounds, moods, music and lyrics. 

Even if you have never watched the movie but listened to this soundtrack, you would still feel all of it. 

When I paint, this music inspires me deeply.

Have you seen Beast of the Southern Wild? If not, I highly recommend it. This movie should win best picture, and if Quvenzhane Wallis doesn't win best actress for her portrayal of Hushpuppy, there is no justice in the world. As Evangeline said while watching it, you feel like you are watching people's lives. Hushpuppy and her father are so real, there is never one second in the movie where you feel like you are watching them act.

And it's a beautiful work of art visually also. Every scene is like a portrait, a still shot in motion. The story is impeccable, you are drawn in and you drown in the characters, the environment, the tones, the uniqueness of this absolutely perfect movie.  By the end you know Hushpuppy, you know her flawed father, you have gone on a journey with them and you are glad you did. They get in your heart.

There are so few movies like this made today. Go rent it, you will thank me.


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