The End of Dreams

I was sitting with my head in my hands the other day, sad that I had allowed the lady I worked with to take me to the point of calling her the B word. Sad that I felt trapped in a job I hated, sad that I couldn't just let people treat me like a 2 year old for the sake of an income, sad at the thought of Dean being mad at me for not being that person, sad that I am 45 and have so many unrealized dreams.

Then Dean text me and told me just to quite my job.

So I did.

The next day I sat pondering it all, asking God to help me be a better person, Help me live the life he planned for me, the life I dream of..

And God said,

"It's time to stop dreaming and start REALLY working. Finish your book. Don't just pretend to be working on it. Actually work on it. Not because it will be a best seller, not that it will ever even be published, but because it is what you are supposed to do. Finish it. And work to open The White Tree Tea Experience. Do it. This feeling of urgency you feel about life is because it is actually passing you by. You waste so much time dreaming, STOP. This is the end of dreams, time for action. Let me handle the outcome OK? 

Tea Shop. 
Done by end of 2013. 
Got it?"

Yes Sir.


Anonymous said…
Love the cover of your book...
Anonymous said…
Awesome!! Don't give up!! I'm in the same boat. Your Tea Shop will change more lives than you could ever imagine!!

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