I Hate Recliners

Last night Dean, me and the kids all went to eat at Plucker's and then we went to Home Furniture to shop for some of the stuff we need to replace in the house. 

We still have our leather couch but we needed some chairs for the living room. I wanted to find some nice Mid-century club chairs, maybe a matching set. But no, Dean knew what he wanted and it wasn't no fancy club chairs.

Finally, after 18 years of marriage, Dean got himself a recliner. 

I hate recliners.

I think they look exactly like huge piles of poop. All those rounded, bubbly cushioned sections, look like poop. I tried to get him to purchase a nicer looking recliner, one with clean lines and no bubbly poop looking cushioned areas all over it but he didn't think any of the pretty ones were comfortable. We looked and looked, sat in way to many recliners, me saying "what about this one? Look, it's pretty." and him sitting in it and saying, "No, it's not comfortable" or "That is a girl recliner Carole!" 

I know recliners are manly, maybe that's why they look like piles of poop, guys and potty talk go together, but still, I just think the manly ones make any living room look uglier. I hate recliners. 

But, my man has been working hard, he's been sleeping in an uncomfortable travel trailer bed for three months and watching TV from a tiny travel trailer couch and well, he deserves to finally have a recliner. Even if they are butt ugly. So I gave in.We compromised on that black one in the picture up top. It was the best of the poop piles. At least it's black, which kinda makes it better right? 
We also got a dining room table, that I really like, some bar stools and we bought the boys some bunk beds with the stairs on the side instead of a ladder. They got to pick out the color, they liked the darker wood, probably because it's poop color.

Just kidding. I like the bunk beds but I hate the recliner.


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