House Warming

Well, it's almost, finally time to move back into our house.The scheduled dates are between Thursday the 20th and Saturday the 22rd, three and a half months after the tree ("Tree, I am no tree! I am an Ent!") tried to kill Dean and I during hurricane Issac.

I remember thinking that first night in the trailer, "wow, it's going to be hard living in this travel trailer for a month". Ha!

But truth is, that travel trailer was such a blessing. By living in it we were able to save money, which we in-turn put toward the purchase of our home. And we really have grown closer as a family from being in such a tight space, you have to consider each other more, you know? So God definitely worked that out for us. I will never be able to properly express my gratitude to Dan and Vicki Ohlerking for letting us use it. 

And I have to say, we could not have better landlords. Sherwood and Holly Pilgrim are not just people we rented our house from (and are now buying it from) but they have become friends. This tragedy could have been so much more stressful had it not been for their kindness and willingness to move forward with the sale as previously agreed on and their willingness to let us pick out everything for the remodel when we didn't even own it yet! And the craziest thing is, Sherwood had to do all the money and insurance stuff with the contractor and what not because it's still his house legally so he had to deal with the headache-not-fun side of building a house and we got the fun-creative side. Not fair to him at all but that's how great of a guy he is.

And let's talk about our contractor for a minute, Roy Domangue. Sherwood insisted that he wanted to use him to do the rebuild, he had built Sherwood and Holly's current house, which is beautiful. Sherwood knew that Roy would do a great job because he is very meticulous and thorough. Well all that has definitely proven to be true. He really is the best. I appreciate how much he cares about his work.

So because of that tree (Ent) trying to kill us, because of all this, I will soon have my dream home. It's a dream home on a tight budget but it's still a dream come true. From the floors to the light fixtures, we picked it all and I think it all looks great together.

To say that God works in mysterious ways is cliche but true. Beauty from ashes, new from the broken, it's all here in this story. I love it.

So, we are going to celebrate all this by having a New House, New Year party on December 31st. If you are reading this you are invited. We will kick it off at 6pm and watch the LSU bowl game, I will make a big pot of Turkey Chili and also some Black eyed Peas and Rice. Bring a side dish, appetizer, drink or desert if you want.

Some of you had said that we should start a housewarming wish list, so I have done that at Walmart and at Target. We bought some furniture already to replace some that we lost but these list have some smaller things that we would like to replace. It's a stretch to say that we "need" these things, we don't, I discovered just how little we actually do need by living in a travel trailer.

Walmart Wish List,

Target Wish List,


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