The Story of Getting to Sing, Heavenly Day

In 2009 Natalie Spera and I went to Chicago for the Story Conference.
We had a blast.
That was when she introduced me to Patti Griffin's music.
She made me a CD of her songs.
I fell in love with her music immediately.

One day not long after that I said to Natalie, "I want to sing Heavenly Day in your wedding when you get married."
She said OK.
At the time, she didn't even have a boyfriend.
Fast forward to last summer, 2012.
Natalie got engaged to John Miller
and then I get a call from her,
"You still want to sing Heavenly Day in my wedding?"
"Yes! I would love too" I replied. Giddy.
Later I found out that I would be singing it as she walked down the isle!
I was nervous.
Couldn't screw that up.
I couldn't be the person who ruined THAT moment!
So I practiced.
A lot.
A whole lot.

As the wedding approached I noticed how cold it was getting at night.
The wedding was to be outside.
After Dark.
In November.
Forecast for wedding day was 45-50 degrees.
I knew I was gonna be cold.
I tried to dress warmly.
But I failed.
And I was so cold.
So very cold.
But I prayed.
"God, I can't mess this up. Please help."
And when the time came, I think I did good.

Listening to it now, I can hear how cold I was at the beginning of the song.
I hear myself go flat once also, I remember when I did that,
I remember thinking, "Oh, no girl, you got to get into it. Feel it. None of that flatness!"

After it was done, when we were all in the warm reception hall, I got lots of compliments,
so I felt good that I hadn't been the one to ruin Natalie and John's Heavenly Day.

Thank God.
And thank you Natalie for allowing me to sing one of my most favorite songs ever at your wedding and allowing me to be a part of your Heavenly Day.
It was truly an honor and privileged.


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