The Majority of Obama Supporters Don't Work?

Last night my daughter and I both had to deal with several tweets, instagram posts, and facebook status updates of people joking about how Obama supporters don't work. She asked me why everyone, that was ticked off at Romney losing, was saying that.

I told her it's a racist perception based on incorrect information.This post is to provide her with the correct information and it's also for all the people that are making those ignorant jokes and comments.

Here's why that sweeping generalization is not the truth..

Who voted

74% white or 88 million
13% black or 15 milllion
10% Hispanic or 12 million

Our total U.S. population is

 Whites, 243 million
 Blacks 42 million
 Hispanic 52 million

of those who are unemployed
Whites, 7% or 21 million
 Blacks 14% or 5 million
 Hispanic 10% or 5 million

so lets do the math,

If EVERY unemployed black person voted for Obama and EVERY unemployed Hispanic voted for Obama that would be 10 million votes of the 60 million votes that Obama received, which is only 17%. Only if you had every one of the 21 million unemployed white people also voting for Obama would you have a majority of people who don't work voting for him.

BUT THAT DIDN'T HAPPEN because not every unemployed person in America is even a registered voter.

Yes, among the unemployed black population, Obama most likely has their vote, IF they vote but the total of black people even eligible to vote is only 30 million (12 million are under age 18 and 400,000 males over the age of 18 are in prison so they are not eligible) and we know now that Obama received aprrox. 60 million votes over all so lets say that all of the13% of black people that did vote (or 15 million) and all of the 10% of Hispanics that voted (or 12 million) were all unemployed and all voted for him, and we added in the 21 million white voters, and they all voted for Obama,Only then would it be a majority.

So that is why it is incorrect to say that a majority of Obama supporters don't work.

UPDATE: I found this today, Friday, Nov. 9th...

 Racial minorities made up 28 percent of the electorate in 2012, up from 26 percent in 2008, and voted 80 percent for Obama. “Romney matched the best performance among white voters ever for a Republican challenger—and yet he lost decisively in the Electoral College,” wrote Ron Brownstein of National Journal. Minorities also accounted for 45 percent of Obama’s total vote. That means that in the not-so-distant-future, a Democrat will be able to win the presidency without needing a majority of white votes in his or her own coalition. In a country with growing diversity, if one party is committed to expanding the right to vote and the other party is committed to restricting the right to vote, it’s not hard to figure out which one will ultimately be more successful.


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