Mad Men, No Time to Blog..

 I feel so bad, it's been a week since I last blogged but I'm spending most of my free time watching Mad Men. I'm not kidding. I'm addicted. I want all of the dresses Joan wears and I want men to only wear suits all the time.

I even bought a retro dress from this PHENOMENAL online store through Amazon, called Lindy Bop, because the dress is similar to one of Joan's dresses.

I just started season 4.Yippee!

As far as real life goes;

We start painting on our house TOMORROW, my kitchen cabinets are AMAZING! I have shelving in my closets, and the projected move in date is still the first week or so of December! I'm more then ready!

We will be house sitting for friends, Lollie and C.J. over Thanksgiving holiday so it will be nice to be out of the trailer and be able to do wash in a house instead of having to take it to the laundromat.

We are going to Ammye's for dinner on Thanksgiving (she is the best cook in the world..all her family is, no joke)  and I am so happy to be spending the day of thankfulness with my dear friend who I am so very thankful for.

I will try to really blog about deep meaningful things again soon.

Until then...

Happy Thanksgiving!!


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