House Update and a LOTR Christmas Tree

I learned this morning that we wont be back in our house until the weekend before Christmas. I cried.

I know that I actually CAN take living in the travel trailer a few more weeks, but right now, I don't feel like I can. I'm done.

But, yea, I'm a spoiled American Suburban brat. I'm crying because I have to live in a travel trailer while my house is being completely remodeled after a tree fell on it and destroyed it, where as, in most other countries, if a tree fell on someones house, they wouldn't get a new one, and they probably would be dead now, so judge me for being done. I'm a brat, I'm sorry, it will pass I promise, I just need to have a little break down.

Ok. I'm good now.

 SOOOO Anyway.... I see everyone posting pics of their freshly decorated beautiful Christmas trees, mine is still in the box on our back porch, since, as a-for-mentioned, I have no house to put one up in,

but it's OK, it's OK because I found these pics of my Lord of the Rings tree from several years back...

It's about to be Hobbit season when the movie opens on the 14th, and well, I think I will go tonight and buy some Hobbit stuff and decorate another little tree like this for our trailer. It will make me feel better.

I will be the Redneckest-Geekest-Holiday-Ringer there is!


Look how little they were! Steele and his fat cheeks and E with her make up on! 


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