Adoption Conversations

Steele: Mom, my friend kept telling me that Abel was my step brother and I kept telling him he was wrong, Abel is my brother but he said that because Abel and I were adopted that meant he was my step brother.

Me: No, Abel is not your step brother. A step brother is when one of your parents gets married to someone else and they have kids already, like my dad married my step mother Marie when I was a baby and she already had kids so they were my step brothers and sister. Abel is your brother, Evangeline is your sister. 

Steele: But Abel had a mom and dad who died. 

Me: Yes, so when we adopted him we became his new mom and dad and you and sissy became his brother and sister. 

The next day in the van...

Steele: Abel, did you have birthday parties in Ethiopia? 
Abel: No.
Steele: What about Christmas?
Abel: Nope. Well, I don't really remember.

Me: Abel, what all do you remember from when you were little, when you lived in Africa?
Abel: Nothing.
Me: Nothing? Really?
Abel: Well, I remember my brother, or cousin, one of them..I had a banana, and one of them tried to take it and the other one kept him from taking it from me. I remember that.

(long pause)

I wish I could remember my mom and dad but I was how old when they died?.
Me; You were a baby. Do you remember your grandma? 
Abel: kinda a little.
Me: What about that man that you thought was your grandpa, (they weren't married from what the paper work said that we got) the mean man?
Abel: Oh yea, he was so mean. I remember him.
Me: I'm so sorry you had to go through all of that Abel. 
Abel: It's OK mom.

Later that day,

Abel: I love you mom.
Me: I love you too Abel.

 I usually have to say it first..


Nikki Jones said…
Gosh, make me cry, why don't you?? So precious! Love your family!!

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