UPDATE on The House and Travel Trailer Life

Met with contractor last night for three hours! It's exciting and exhausting! So much to do. We love our contractor, Roy, he's amazing!!

We went over budgets for this and budgets for that and he gave me a notebook of check list of the stuff that he does and stuff I have to go pick out like light fixtures, counter tops, a back splash, paint colors, etc.All of which Dean and I are going to go pick out this after noon.

I will be able to get the wood laminate throughout the house, even in kitchen and dining room, so I'm very happy about that. Dean and boys will be getting up the ceramic tile that's left in there tomorrow. He's renting a machine to do it, will be a great guy bonding time. E and I will be doing all kinds of girly stuff like hair color and up does since she has homecoming tomorrow night and I am the driver for her and her date an her friend Chelsy and her date.

The contractor drew out all the changes for the kitchen. I will have craftsman style cabinets, drawers for my pots and pans, an appliance garage and he's gonna move the bar out about 6-10 more inches into the dining room area so I will have a bigger kitchen and more cabinets and counter top space! THAT is so exciting!

They are going to do some updates in our master bath even though it was the only room undamaged in the storm. He will change doors to match the rest of the house, I'm getting new light fixtures, paint and they will scrape the popcorn off of the ceiling.  We won't be able to use it for a week or two when they start that. We will have to shower in trailer! Dean is thrilled a out that 😁  I don't really care cuz I don't bath that much anyway 😜

Roy, our contractor, still says we will be in by Christmas so knowing that makes all of these inconveniences worth it. 

We told the kids that Christmas morning we are all just gonna walk around the house enjoying that new house smell, looking at freshly painted walls, shiny new light fixtures, pimped out closet shelving, a hot water Heater timer, etc and we will just go room to room saying "Merry Christmas" to each other cuz THAT will the best gift!

I am SO looking forward to being back in that house and cooking Christmas dinner in my new kitchen. Another thing that I look forward is, I feel pretty confident that after 3 months of living in a travel trailer, my kids will never again ask to go camping.


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