Pastors and Power

I read an article on Don Miller's blog today titled, The Truth About Powerful Personalities, it's really good. I've actually been thinking a lot about this issue lately due to recent church drama.

Pastors and power, why is it so jacked up?

I've marveled at what lengths people will go to to save face. From the outside, what seems so simple, is made more complicated by the inability to just be humble enough to say "Man, we've screwed this up bad!" 

But then I know I've been guilty of the same in my own life, refusing to see the truth or refusing to acknowledge it openly many times.

My kids and my husband, my FAMILY, they see me more clearly most of the time then I see myself, so when they tell me something, it stings because it's true.

But powerful church people don't listen to their "family" usually.  They tend to treat them like subordinates and people who just don't know enough to have a correct take on the situation.

Why would kings need to listen to subjects?

Little gods maintaining little kingdoms.

But God doesn't allow us to destroy our souls for long. He tends to step in, knock us off our thrones and then he extends his hand to us to heal our self inflicted wounds. We only need to come to him as children.

It's like the throne is surrounded by pillows that are His arms, he causes us to fall off the place of power and onto the place of peace and rest but to often we would rather just have the power so we spend the rest of our lives trying to jump back onto the throne.

And we keep falling off.

He loves us enough to knock us all off of our man made thrones eventually.

Donald Miller wrote this in his post...

How could a person raise millions for cancer but cheat in the Tour de France and lie about it for years? Well, both pursuits made him feel powerful. The ambitions are quite consistent. One was power for good, the other was power for bad, but it doesn’t matter, it’s all about the feeling of having dominance and having impact."

Check out the rest here..  The Truth About Powerful Personalities


Unknown said…
Wish I could express my thoughts and feelings the way you do! Luv your blog! Feel like you express exactly how I feel!
Unknown said…
Wish I could express my feelings and thoughts the way you do girl !! Luv your blog! Great post!

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